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tacky tube Tacky Tube Fly Drier and Holder
Goodbye Sheepskin Patch, Hello Tacky Tube.

The latest stylish accessory for your pocket or vest.
Dry your flies without losing them. Crack it open and will find the Tacky silicon slots or a tough magnet to hold your flies while they dry.

New Hanak Rods
Hanak superlight fly rod
Hanak Superlight SLT
Brand new series of ultra light and high-powered rods.
Using the latest technology and materials in combination with ultra light components enables reduction of the weight of the rods by 30% (up to 30 g) incomparison with common rods.
Ultra light and strong SIC stripper guides. RECOIL Titanflex fly guides made in USA.
Exclusive exotic-wood insert and reel seat
  • Superlight SLT 290/296 - 275/290cm (9'0/9'6) # 3 - 4+1 piece 73 g *
  • Superlight SLT 390 - 275cm (9'0) # 3 - 4 piece - 69 g *
  • Superlight SLT 3100 - 305cm (10'0) # 3 - 4 piece - 73 g
  • Superlight SLT 496 - 290cm (9'6) # 4 - 4 piece - 71 g
  • Superlight SLT 596 - 290cm (9'6) # 5 - 4 piece - 73 g *
  • Superlight SLT 796 - 290cm (9'6) # 7 - 4 piece - 89 g
* local stock items

Hanak czech nymph fly rod
Hanak Czech Nymph Champion 4 in 1 – Generation V
Universal rods made from high modulated quality carbon.
Thanks to the special construction, you can set up the rod in four different lengths for different conditions and different fly-fishing methods.
The use of high quality components and exceptional rod action increase the success rate of strikes which help to master and land fish.
6-piece construction is suitable for traveling and storage.
Reversed half wells grip from high quality cork and single foot fly guides.
  • Czech Nymph V Champion # 3 275/290/305/320cm (9'0/9'6/10'0/10'6) # 3, 4 + 2 piece, 95–109 g **
  • Universal rod for fly-fishing in small and middle-size rivers
  • Czech Nymph V Champion # 4/5 275/290/305/320cm (9'0/9'6/10'0/10'6) # 4/5, 4 + 2 piece, 99–114 g
  • Universal rod for fly-fishing in bigger rivers

Hanak streamer fly rod
Hanak Streamer IV #6 – 2 in 1
This rod was developed and constructed for streamer fishing.
Made from high modulated quality carbon.
Thanks to the extra extension piece you can choose between a total length of 275 and 290 cm according to actual conditions.
The combination of precise processing, high quality components and great rod action increases success rate of strike and helps to land fish.
Full wells grip and fighting but increase comfort during casting, mastering and landing of fish.
  • Streamer IV 2 in 1 #6 - 275/290cm (9'0/9'6) # 6, 4 + 1 pieces, 106 / 105 g
  • Streamer fishing in rivers and lake fishing

hanak slotted tungsten beads
hanak slotted tungsten beads
Slotted Tungsten beads (Hanak)
New colours -  Silver, Copper, Matt Black, Metallic Red, Metallic Rainbow, Metallic Brown, Flourescent Light Pink.
2.0mm (0.06g), 2.5mm (0.11g), 3.0mm (0.18g), 3.5mm (0.3g), 4.0mm (0.43g).
stonfo Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit STF648
This simple accessory allows to make dubbing of various diameters and lengths.
Using materials of different colours, it is possible to make multicolored lures with a amazing attractive contrast.
Special effects can be created mixing materials of different types, like polypropylene, flashabou, crystal flash, etc...
Supplied with two hair clips and instructions.
veniard UV coating Veniard UV reflectant coating

This highly reflective coating is brilliant for adding UV to you flies,
one little dab will make your fly light up under UV light.

stonfo thread splitter stonfo thread splitter
Stonfo Thread Splitter
This high precision tool from Stonfo allows you to split thin threads very easily, so you can make perfect dubbing loops on even the smallest size flies. The splitting operation which is usually a real pain to do manually, becomes much easier. It is ideal for those small CdC dubbing loops.

LED Vice LightLED Vice Light
Enlighten your vice, with a perfect travel tying light - cordless, lightweight and works anywhere. The bright battery powered LED provides good light and has a long battery life. Clamps to any 3/8" or 10mm vise stem and is easily adjustable to direct light exactly where you need it. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

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