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grizzly cock saddle Keough Dry Fly Half Grade #1 Grizzly Cock Saddles
We've got em and you need em. Grade 1 Grizzly Dry Fly Half Saddles.
bend-a-blade Bend a Blade
Say no to stiches, amputated fingertips and unnecessary blood loss! The Bend a Blade tool is made to hold a double edge razor blade and adjusts the curve to any desired effect you need when trimming spun hair.
daddy-long-legs flexi-floss spanflexDaddy Long Legs
Black, Olive, Tan
These micro legs will add amazing movement to any fly. Can be used as wing, body or tailing.
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stonfo turbo spinner
Spinner Turbo for Vice - Stonfo 
The Turbo Spin is an accessory that placed in the jaws of any vise allow an ideal rotation device to create dubbing brushes.
Ball bearings ensure smooth running.

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fly trap Fly Trap
Attention all gadgeteers! These New Fly Traps are super handy and a smart way to change flies quickly when out on the water!
Whether you need to give your flies a rest or they happen to suck that day, change it up!
The new rubber design holds better than foam and won't tear.
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grizzly marabou Marabou Grizzly
Golden Brown, Natural, Olive, Tan, Brown, Chartreuse
Very popular for Bonefish, Nymph and Emerger flies.
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grizzly cock saddleCock Saddle Grizzly Half
Olive, Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown
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senyo laser dubSenyo Laser Dub
Dark Tan, Black, Flu Chartreuse, Flu Hot Orange, Grey, Green Chart, Hot Pink, Light Olive, Olive, Purple, Red, Rusty Bronze, Sculpin Olive, Shrimp Pink, Silver Minnow Belly, Tan, White, Brown
A unique custom mix developed by fly designer Greg Senyo.
It can be used as wings, collars, dubbed bodies or veiled-wool style heads. It is a mix of Ice Dub and 1-1/2" acrylic staple fiber.
A must for Salmon, Steelhead and saltwater patterns.
Available in individual packets only
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saltwater capesSaltwater Capes
Black, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Olive, Purple, White, Chartreuse
Saltwater Capes from Keough Farms are wide feathers that are perfect for hackles and wings on streamers of all kinds.
For saltwater they can be used for flat wings, deceivers and more.
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cock capeCock Cape Tyers Grade
Black, Ginger, Grizzly, Grizzly Brown, Grizzly Dun, Grizzly Olive, Medium Dun, Brown, Cream
Great capes from Keough for the ordinary man, at great prices.
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veevus power threadVeevus Power Thread
Available in in 140 & 240 denier
Black, Flu Chart, Flu Fire Orange, Flu Hot Pink, Flu Orange, Grey, Olive, Red, White, Brown,
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eagle claw 413
Eagle Claw 413 hook, perfect for kob DMA flies. Now available in 3/0 and 1/0
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zinger retractor priest nipper
Double Zinger Aluminium Priest Blue Nipper
eagle claw 413 finger protectors floatant holder
Eagle Claw 413 hook, perfect for
DMA flies for kob.
Finger Protectors
Africa pattern goo holders
dubbing brushes fly tying tool kit
Nymph Dubbing Brushes. An excellent short cut for making nymphs. 10 brushes per pack, 24 colours.
White, Black, Silver Grey, Shell Back Pink, Light Camel Brown, Olive, Light Tan, Golden Brown, Light Olive, Natural Blend, Hot Spot Orange, Rusty Olive, Pale Yellow, Burnt Orange, Peacock, Lime Olive, Electric Yellow, Dark Green, Purple, Light Plum, Ginger, Bug Brown, Dark Grey Dun, Sage, and Mustard
Fly tying tool kit, all you need in one handy box.

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