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Last Update May 17 Imagine a place of quiet serene beauty, a hidden spot that's not easy to get to but has everything you desire.
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wychwood truefly mk2 reel New Wychwood SLA MkII Truefly reel
Not only is the SLA MKII a more aesthetically pleasing fly reel, having been slimmed down and refined so that each curve and nuance serves a purpose, either to highlight it is contoured lines or its feel and fit when its in use. It is also - and heres the key - very, very light.

This reel is over half an ounce lighter than the old SLA weighing in at an anorexic 183gramms! This remarkable achievement was possible thanks to some judicious design and production processes.By carefully removing as much material as possible from the die cast aluminium frame and cage, without compromising on the reels integrity or functionality, we were able achieve our target goal of making the SLA MKII the lightest fly reel in its class.*

The reels functionality is superb, incorporating a semi-sealed Rulon drag system, a snug, compression fit spool and now featuring sculpted spool release and drag knobs, for a comfortable feel when in use.The MKII combines good looks with serious performance values.

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hanak czech nymph leaders Hanak Czech Nymph Leaders
New 2017-Hanák competition tapered monofilament czech nymph leader Available in lengths of 4,5 m / 15 ft and 9 M / 30 ft.

THREE different color designs already in stock - Clear, Camouflage and Bicolour (Yellow / Orange) Strength: 4,5m - 3,6 kg / 8 lb 9.0m - 4,5 kg / 10 lb.

Extra soft with minimum memory for delicate and precise offering of flies.

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faux bucktail fish-skull Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail
Tapered synthetic fly tying fibers.

Tie flies of all types and sizes with Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail, a tapered synthetic multi-use fly tying fiber designed to imitate typical premium-length natural bucktail.

Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail fibers have the same basic diameter, gentle crinkle, and taper as natural bucktail. In appearance, it looks almost identical and has the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. However, the fibers are not hollow (which helps your fly sink faster) and will not “flare” in the same way as regular bucktail while tying. This means you will need to tie with slightly different techniques to achieve the same effect.

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Hanak SuperLight Poly LeadersHanak SuperLight Poly Leaders
Hanák Competition Superlight Trout Leader 1,5 m (5ft)

Extra soft with minimum memory for delicate and precise presentation.
Tapered for perfect transfer of energy for easier turnover and superb accuracy.
Welded small loops on butt end

Strength: 3,6 kg / 8 lb.

Type Sink Rate
Floating Clear  
Hover Clear 1 cm/s (0.4 in/s)
Intermediate Clear 4 cm/s (1.6 in/s)
Quick Sink 16 cm/s (6 in/s)

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cork tool caddy
Cork Tool Caddy

A great new product from the Retro Fly Studio

Now you can have all your fly tying tools handy in a neat compact space, and also have space for plenty of fly tying materials which will beady at hand.

Consists of:
Cork base on rotating bearings
Stand for flash and synthetics that can hang 21 items
9 Large clear interlocking containers - 70mm diameter
10 Medium clear interlocking containers - 40mm diameter
10 Small clear interlocking containers - 30mm diameter

*Item illustrated on top left is what you get with the package. Right hand illustration is for demonstration purposes.

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grip competition hooks
Grip Barbless Competition Hooks

These hooks were designed with the competitive angler in mind and have special features such as longer barbless curved points. The range consist of various hooks suitable for emergers, scuds, nymphs, streamers and jig flies.

1448BL Dry / Emerger - Black Nickel, Standard curved shank, 1F Wire

14122BL Caddis / Pupae - Back Nickel, 1X Short shank, 1XH Wire

12723BL Nymph / Soft Hackle - Black Nickel, 2X Short shank, 3XH Wire

12413BL Nymph / Wet - Black Nickel, Standard Shank, 2XH Wire

13113BL Streamer / Nymph - Black Nickel, 1XL Long Shank, 2XH Wire

14037BL Jig - Black Nickel, Standard Shank, 1XH Wire

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fish-skull-surface-seducer-popperSurface Seducer Double Barrel Popper - Fish Skull
Tie next-generation foam poppers, sliders, and divers. The Double Barrel is an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie the most popular popper, slider, and diver flies being used today to target various species from panfish to sailfish!
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game changer chenilleChockletts Gamechanger Chenille
Tie mini Game Changers with ease.
Chocklett's Game Changer Chenille is a new translucent and markable material specifically designed to be combined with the Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish-Spine™ system to tie the Game Changer, a phenomenal, multi-jointed streamer designed by Blane Chocklett.

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fish skull articulated shanksFish Skull Articulated Shanks
Articulated streamers, simplified.

This innovative, multipurpose material is a key component for tying different styles of articulated streamers, such as single-hook and double-hook articulated streamers, poppers, and sliders, as well as in streamers that use a free-swinging stinger hook.

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Fish Skull Shrimp Tail Tie realistic, weighted shrimp and crayfish flies.
The Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is a stainless-steel weight molded in the shape of crustacean tails.
Quick and easy to tie, the Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is a simple alternative to bead chain eyes and dumbbells – two general-purpose fly tying materials which add the needed weight to shrimp patterns, but require ungainly tying methods and lack the distinctive tail profile of these creatures.
Quantity per pack: Small, Medium (20); Large (15)
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fly flex flexo crab
1/4 inch, 1 meter - Tan, White & Clear

FLEXO™ Flyflex™ is the most unique new body material to enter the market in a long time. Endless design variations are possible. Everything from caddis fly larvae to crabs to minnows to squid, in all shapes and sizes can be crafted using FLEXO™ Flyflex™ body material.

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